Oh, Carolina! FAQ
Last Updated: February 16, 2001
1. Where did you get the title from?
Not from Carolina State University, sorry. It actually originated as I was drawing the first sketch of the lead character. I hadn't named her yet when the song Carolina by Shaggy came on the radio... the name sounded good. :) "Oh, Carolina" is a part of the lyrics (as far as I can tell, the words are hard to understand :P)

2. Carolina looks like a wolf!
Why yes she does! This is because I can't draw people that look passably human... I am awful at faces... but, give it a muzzle and wiskers and ta da! Looks passable :) By the by, they are often called "furries" or "furry art"

3.Is the wolf the only animal you use?
Naw, as I get going more characters will be introduced, more wolf faces as well as some other types... I just start with the wolf because I am best at getting the anthromorphic expressions with them :)

4. Did you know the size changes for some of them?
Yes, I hand draw, then ink and then scan each one individually... without a ruler or a box. I might get to doing that eventually but for now you get variety:)

5. Are you Carolina (or vice versa)?
No, I don't work in a butcher shop, I am not outwardly fuzzy, not a vampire, and I never dated a lion :) The ideas come from a series of "Wouldn't it be...if...?" sets of questions, the occasional bad joke I hear, and a little bit of my own life (a very little bit).

5. I don't get it...
Try changing your perspective a bit. Instead of looking at it from a "normal" point of view, put yourself in the life of Carolina, a vampire in college. Not foolproof, but it helps :)

6. My god! Your drawings suck!
Yeah, well, I don't draw Oh, Carolina! to win any contests. Heck, I don't even get paid to draw it! I do this for fun. Each strip is drawn in about 10-20 minutes during my study breaks. If I ever do decide to do anything to make money with them, I'll clean them up and re-draw them. The art I put more effort into is on SkieBorne. Though neither of these pages I make money off of. In short... you don't like it, don't read it. But in the mean time... quit your bitching, its not like your paying for it :P

7. Who is "Sarah Lapa"?
Just a pseudonym I went with for awhile while drawing the comic. I dropped the name in January 2004 when I combined Oh, Carolina! and my art on my own webserver under my own domain name.

8. Why are there some better drawn comics early on, then you get worse?
I began to go back and re-draw ALL the older comic in February 2005. It takes awhile to do, though, so I am scanning and uploading them as I go. Thus, some of the middle comics still have my early "style" (or lack there-of). Over time, they will all be more uniform, and this will also take care of the changing sizes problem of my early strips. You can tell which comics are replaced by the filename. Any file name that starts with "nocarol##.gif" is a replaced image.

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