Cast of Characters
Last Updated: February 11, 2006

Carolina Fola Carolina Fola, vampire, college student, creator of bad jokes. She blends with the people around her, but is always a little apart from them as well. The wierdo of the dorm, she doesn't really try to hide what she is, but she doesn't broadcast it either.
Birthday: August 27, 1981
Major: Microbiology
Species: Wolf

Lori DarkfeatherLori Darkfeather, Carolina's roomate. Knows the two most important things about Carolina, don't wake her up and don't touch her computer.
Birthday: April 17, 1980
Major: Communications and Journalism
Species: Coyote

Richard DunnoRichard Dunno, Carolina's ex-boyfriend. Was perfectly thrilled to take a real vampire to the ball!
Birthday: September 23, 1981
Major: Variable
Species: Lion

Joel LepusJoel Lepus, Carolina's study bunny. Don't let the punk look decieve you, he has more packed between those two floopy ears then in an encyclopedia.
Birthday: August 12, 1980
Major: Biology
Species: Rabbit

Mr. CrawfordMr. Crawford, Carolina's summer employer and summer supplier. Runs the meat department of a supermarket, and hired Carolina for her "special interests".

Species: Leopard

Terry Lemmen Terry Lemmen, morning person to the extreme. Friend and dorm mate of Carolina. Terry can never figure out why Carolina is so grumpy in the morning ,after all, its beautiful day out there!
Birthday: May 12, 1982
Major: Political Science
Species: Fox

Shayla Wull Shayla Wull, Resident Assistant (RA) of Carolina's dorm. Its her job to make sure everyone is behaving themselves and keeping out of trouble. Friend of Carolina.
Birthday: March 21, 1979
Major: Sociology
Species: Tiger

Ammi Duboh Ammi Duboh, Carol's Roomate after Lori got her own room, also another vampire. Met Carol at her summer job at the butcher's shop.
Birthday: July 10, 1982
Major: Undeclaired
Species: Maned Wolf

Joe VolkeJoe Volke, Carol's current roomate and boyfriend. he is also a Police Officer with Campus Security.
Birthday: September 24, 1978
Species: Timber Wolf

Emily Weichbrod (and Miki) Emily Weichbrod, Artist of this here comic :) Shown in the picture with Miki, a Mississippi Kite I worked with through a rehab program at my school. Started the comic just for fun, and plan to keep it that way, pretty much. Thanks to all my loyal fans *waves to all six of you* ;)
Birthday: March 28, 1980
Species: Human

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